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Fertility and Infertility : Infertility Diagnosis Conventional Perspective

Written By Kyle J. Norton and Karen Klam. All right reserved. Any reproduction is allowed only with author mane and all links intact.

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty foods around. On the other hand, the reductive system may completely shut down or work at it;s minimum state and we produce less offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, etc. But regardless any situation. most women are capable to conceive sometimes before menopause.

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Overcome Infertility ( II ) contains 29 Articles including , "Infertility Diagnosis with Conventional Perspective " from Article 36- 63, plus article 86 and 87 is for information and education purpose only, please read other health article writers' publication if you need more information of above subjects.

A. Male infertility

Overcome Male Infertilty -Diagnosis or test From Conventional Perspective
Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to full term. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world, because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In fact, More than 40% of infertility of a couple is caused by male inability to fertilize. Diagnosis is a analytics approach, after initial consultation and medical history and personal information have been taken from a patient or couple. The main objective conventional diagnosis is to find the causes of infertility, but unfortunately, it has less than 1% successful rate. We will try to give you the definitions of type of diagnosis in alphabet order.

36. Overcome Male Infertility --What Is Acrosome Reaction Test
Acrosome reaction test is one the sperm analysis. the sample is taken through masturbation to see how sperm perform during fertilizing process. It may be necessary if the fertilization specialist suspects that the causes of infertility may be sperm related problem.

Overcome Male Infertility --What is Antisperm Antibody Test ?
An antisperm antibody test as defined as a test to look for abnormal function of immune system antibodies that fight against a male's sperm in blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. With a substance added to the sample sperm, the test will tell whether the sperm is affected by proteins of the immune system or not. If you would like to know the immunity causes of infertility, please refer back to previous articles.

38. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Biochemical Analysis ??
The study of the chemical substances and vital processes occurring in male testicle such as the concentration of white blood cells, the level of fructose in the semen, and the volume, pH, and liquefaction time of the ejaculate.

39. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Computer-Assist Semen Analysis ??
The sample of sperm is scanned in to the computer pre store program to show how the sperm quality, quantity, shape and movement. Since any small change of the computer may produce a significant change in sperm calculation, therefore any abnormal sperm count should be confirmed by manual count.

40. Overcome infertility --What is Hemizona Assay??
Hemizona assay is an analysis to compare the binding capacity of sample sperm of the unfertilized male to the sperm of the fertilized male through manual hand cutting versus micro manipulation In IVF and IUI fertilization.

41. Overcome Male Infertility --What Is Hormone Evaluation ??
Hormonal evaluation is a study to measure the levels of certain hormones produced by your body such as levels of FSH and testosterone which are involved directly in sperm production. The test will only be used is the semen of sperm analysis come back with low density of sperm or your specialist suspects that hormone imbalance is the cause of infertility.

42. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Human Zona Pellucida Binding Test ??
The test is necessary if the men is found to be infertile with either reduced sperm count, motility and morphology alone, or in combination and is classified with unexplained causes. The sperm and egg are collected from a couple and is used to see the sperm penetration in IVF.

43. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Hypoosmotic swelling test (HOST)??
The HOS test was performed by mixing special sugar and salt in distilled water. The mixture was incubated and immediately examined under a microscope. The percentage of reacted sperm (curled tails) and non-reacted sperm (non-curled tails) were assessed.

44. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Pene Trak ??
After a 90 minutes, the sample is observed through the microscope and the distance of the sperm have penetrated the mucus also is recorded. Failure of sperm to move a minimum distance is considered to have a poor chance for egg fertilizing and suggested a infertility problem a the testes sample couple. The inability of sperm to move a minimum distance through cervical mucus may be caused immune antibody leading to the risk of infertilization.

45. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Peroxidase Staining test ??
If a man is suspected to have producing abnormal sperm caused by infection of the reproductive system including high levels of white blood cells in other sperm test than his doctor may require a peroxidase staining test. A semen sample is taken in the clinic laboratory with masturbation.

46. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Post-coital/cervical mucus test??
It test the sperm checks for any type of movement including progressively motile sperm which swims forward in a straight line and non-progressively motile sperm which swims in an abnormal path.

47. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Sperm Penetration Assay (Hamster Test)??
This test is done in clinic laboratory with semen sperm taken through masturbation. The hamster egg is stripped off the outer layer and the sperm of infertile male a put into a tube.

Overcome Male Infertility --What is Sperm-Ubiquitin tag immunoassay (SUTI)??
The semen sperm is taken from the infertile male in the clinic laboratory and screen the surface of sperm for ubiquintin which is a small, highly-conserved regulatory protein that is ubiquitously expressed in complex structures enclosed within membranes.

49. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Semen analysis ??
Fructose level: A measure of the amount of fructose in the semen. Since fructose is a principal source of energy for the sperm, a high levels of fructose is a good indication of healthy sperm and low or absence of fructose may indicate the problem with tubular glands posteroinferior to the urinary bladder of males.

50. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Scrotal sonography ??
The test is important if a patient has acute pain in the scrotum and usually used to take imaging for evaluating disorders of the testicles
1. If the doctor or patient found there is a mass in the scrotum the scrotal sonography will help to determine whether a mass is cystic or solid. Does the mass will interfere with reproductive process or it cause any problem with normal sperm production such as tubal blockage.

51. Overcome Male nfertility --What is Testicle Biopsy??
A small sample is taken and tested for the ability of sperm producing cell to produce normal cells. This test is necessary if the infertility male is found to have no sperm in semen, normal sex levels of hormone and abnormal sperm with unknown cause. The risk of the test may cause testicle damage.

52. Overcome Male Infertility --What is Vasography Analysis ??
A small ultrasound probe is placed against the scrotum or into the rectum. If vasography is performed, radiographic dye is injected into the vas deferens (a tube connecting the site where the sperm is stored to the duct that expels it) and ejaculatory ducts. An X-ray is taken as the dye flows through the ducts.

B. Female Infertility

Overcome Female Infertilty --Diagnosis From Conventional Perspective
Antisperm antibody test
The antisperm antibody test is one of procedure which helps to see the antigens in the body to see the immune system function toward sperm invasion through blood test. If the immune system recognized or not the sperm as the foreign object and produces white blood cells to kill them.

53. Overcome Female infertility --What is Antisperm antibody test??
The antisperm antibody test is one of procedure which helps to see the antigens in the body to see the immune system function toward sperm invasion through blood test. If the immune system recognized or not the sperm as the foreign object and produces white blood cells to kill them.

54. Overcome Female Infertility --What is Infertility Blood test ??
Routine blood test is not necessary for infertility women, but sometimes blood test is ordered to check for anaemia, blood type and antibody. Or sometimes to check estradiol, LH, FSH and progesterone.

55. Overcome Female Infertility --What is Cervical Mucus test ?
Cervical mucus test is the study of the cervical mucus through out menstrual cycles and to see the mucus is friendly to sperm invasion or not. there are 2 types of cervical test.

56. Overcome Female Infertility --What is Endometrial biopsy?
Endometrial biopsy is one of infertile test by removing some tissue from the women uterine lining. to check for any endometrial adhesion and implants or if the uterine lining is embryo implantation compatible.

57. Overcome Female Infertility --What is Hysteroscopy ?
The hysteroscope is an medical instrument which is used to exam the infertile woman cavity. it is connected to a video unit with a light source, and to the channels for delivery and removal of a distention medium, the cavity normally is expand by either fluids or CO2 gas during inspection. It normally is done at the hospital as outpatient or in clinical laboratory.

58. Overcome Female Infertility --What is Ovulation test ?
Under this test, you may ask to come in the clinic to have blood sample withdrawn from your arm at different stages in your cycle in order to measure the levels of LH, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) or progesterone because at each stage these hormone change to accommodate for the need for the result of egg fertilization. Since thyroid hormone place an important role in ovulation, your thyroid hormone is also checked. Since the body of a women is unique and depending what types of symptoms and what your doctor suspect, your doctor will decide which blood tests to carry out.

59. Overcome Female Infertilty --What is Progesterone test?
Progesterone test is to measure the levels of progesterone which are vital for softening the uterine lining and helping with implantation after an egg is released from your ovaries as the remaining follicle becomes the corpus luteum.

60. Overcome Female Infertilty --What is Radioimmunoassays (RIAs) ?
Radioimmunoassay (RIAs) is a very sensitive technique used to measure concentrations of antigens such as quantitating the binding, or the inhibition of binding, of a radio-labeled substance to an antibody that helps your doctor to determine that the infertility is not or caused by hormone imbalance of certain hormones during menstrual cycle.

61. Overcome Female Infertilty --What is Tubal patency test ?
It is performed under a general anaesthesia as outpatient in the hospital. Under lapaproscopy, after tiny incision is made at the lower border of the umbilicus,the abdominal cavity is then expanded with carbon dioxide gas to create more space for your doctor to have a clean view of the pelvic organs. Then an laparoscope which is inserted into the abdominal cavity and the uterus, tubes and ovaries are thoroughly inspected.

62. Overcome Female Infertilty --What is Ultrasound ?
During a standard ultrasound, an ultrasound slender probe is inserted into your vagina. It very much like an insert of a tampon, if you feel uncomfortable about this process, you may want to insert the probe yourself. Ultrasound waves emitted by the probe travel up your vagina and bounce off your ovaries that provides a very clear image of your eggs and ovaries and you can view them at the screen.

63. Overcome Female Infertilty --What is Urinaryluteinizing hormone ( LH) test ?
The Urinary luteinizing hormone ( LH) test test is used to check the levels of LH and identify the surge of LH just before ovulation so your doctor can determine when is the best time for a couple to have sex and the female partner to get pregnant.

Written By Kyle J. Norton. All right reserved. Any reproduction is allowed only with author mane and all links intact.

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Written By Kyle J. Norton. All right reserved. Any reproduction is allowed only with author mane and all links intact.
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